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Aramesh Dustdarborn 1931 in Iran, philosopher, author and one of the most influential thinkers in the history of modern Iran. After receiving his doctorate in philosophy from the University of Bonn, he returned to Iran and founded the philosophical school at the University of Tehran. A member of the atheist faculty, already known for his antireligious views, Dustdar became the target of radical Islamic activists when the 1979 Islamic revolution swept through Iran. Like so many other university professors, he left home to live in exile in Germany. His first manuscript »Some Philosophical Remarks on Religion and Science« was lost in the turmoil of the revolution. For the incessant thinker, this was the basic building block for the launch of his three large volumes. The first of these banned titles in Iran, »The Impossibility of Thinking in a Religious Culture«, has been fiercely debated among Iranian intel- lectuals for two decades. His latest book »An Introduction to Pseudolanguage and Pseudoculture« was published by Forough Book in 2018. 

We are very sad to announce that our author Aramesh Dustdar, philosopher and author of An Introduction to Pseudolanguage and Pseudoculture and many other very important books, passed away on Wednesday, Octobre 27th 2021 at the age of 90. 

"Thinking is only possible when there are no limits."

- Aramesh Dustdar

Thank you, Aramesh Dustdar for sharing your great talent with so many generations. #RememberingArameshDustdar


Aramesh Dustdar -  آرامش دوستدار

Abuolfazl Mohagheghi -  ابوالفضل محققی

Abuolfazl Mohagheghi, born in Iran, author. Currently living in Sweden.

Armin Langroudi - آرمین لنگرودی

Armin Langroudi, born in Iran, writer and publicist. Armin Langroudi live since 1991 in Wien.

آرمین لنگرودی در اتریش زندگی می‌کند و از وی تا به‌حال دو کتاب "چگونه مسلمان شدیم" و "ارتداد در مسیحیت آغازین و نقش آن در پیدایش و گسترش اسلام " توسط انتشارات فروغ منتشر شده است

Nahid Keshavarz, born in Iran, writer and psychological counselor. 30 years ago she left her homeland and settled in Germany. Today Nahid Keshavarz works as a psychological counselor and director of the refugee center of the city of Cologne. She also works as a journalist. Nahid Keshavarz has published countless articles on migration, gender, and mental health issues of migrants. Her two novels are published by Forough Book.

Nahid Keshavarz - ناهید کشاورز

Mashallah Ajoudani -  ماشاالله آجوداني‎

Jamsheed Faroughi - جمشید فاروقی

Mahmoud Sabahy - محمود صباحی

Mahmoud Sabahy, born 1969 in Iran, Essayist, sociologist and theater director.  He taught Theater Philosophy and Theater Sociology at the Faculty of Art and Architecture in Tehran before being dismissed from the University in 2010.

Today he lives in Germany. His second book "Late enlightenments" is published by Forough Book in 2019. His latest book "Unsealing of the wine" is published by Forough Book in 2021 and was a Forough Book Best-seller in 2021.




محمود صباحی، متولد سومِ شهریورِ ۱۳۴۸، جُستارنویس، مترجم، جامعه‌شناس و کارگردانِ تئاترِ ساکن آلمان است. او تا پیش از آن که در سال ۱۳۸۸ از دانشگاه اخراج شود، در دانشکده‌ی هنر و معماری به عنوان عضو هیأت علمی گروه نمایش فلسفه‌‌ و جامعه‌شناسیِ تئاتر درس می‌داده است

محمود‌صباحی اکنون در آلمان زندگی می‌کند و از وی تا به‌حال دو کتاب توسط انتشارات فروغ منتشر شده است

Katayoun Azarli, born in Iran, writer and painter. Since her childhood she has worked for the „Radio and Television of Mashhad“. Also active in literary circles. With the dawn of the Islamic revolution Azarli was forced to give up her work and was detained in 1984. In 1988, she was released from prison and continued her cultural and artistic work, but from then on under the pseudonyms „Khavari“ and „Rastar“. In 1990 she won at the Zoom Igualda Festival, an international film Festival, the Golden Eagle Award for her script „Wish“. In 1995 she published her first book, a collection of her poems. In 1996, after a short arrest, she left her homeland and settled in Germany. Today she lives in Kassel, Germany. Her focus continues to be on art and writing.

Katayoun Azarli - کتایون آذرلی

Massoud Noghrehkar - نقره كار، مسعود

Massoud Noghrehkar, born 1953 in Iran, doctor and author. In 1985 he was forced into exile due to the turmoil of the revolution in Iran. He was able to flee to Germany. In 1993, the US government granted him political asylum and he emigrated to the United States. While working as a psychologist in Iran, Germany and the United States, he wrote and published more than 28 books and about 300 articles in various journals and websites. Most of his works were published in Farsi and refer to various political events in Iran, such as the intellectual movements and the suppression of disagreements in Iran. Dr. Noghrekar wrote many novels, short stories and children‘s stories as well as books about medicine which are another of Dr. Noghrekar’s expertise. He also has a collection of novels, short stories and children‘s stories in English. Currently, he lives in Orlando, Florida. He has withdrawn from his work as a physician and works as a full-time writer today. 

Mohammad Taghi Esmaili -  محمد تقی سماعیلی 

Mariam Satwat -  مریم سطوت 

Fazel Gheybi, born 1951 in Iran, physicist and author. He grewing-up in a Zoroastrian-Baha'i family.

 فاضل غیبی در سال 1333 در خانواده‌ای زرتشتی ـ بهائی در تهران بدنیا آمده. وی در جوانی از معارف دینی به تاریخ و فلسفه کشانده شد و کتاب‌خوانی و سپس نوشتن به مهمترین مشغولیت زندگی‌اش  بدل شد. فاضل غیبی هم اکنون در آلمان زندگی می‌کند

Fazel Gheybi -  فاضل غیبی